HR: New name, new responsibility. Time to save the World!

Are we already out of recession and into recovery mode?

I suppose it depends which journalist you believe really. Whatever happens and wherever we are in this economic cycle I have decided to rename HR yet again. An old customer of mine always referred to HR as Human Remains but as a factory manager of 3000+ people he did have a few opinions about HR!  But that aside, I have decided that our fate lies in the hands of HR who are responsible for getting everyone back to work.

No, it’s not down to Gordon Brown and his cronies but HR or Human Recovery as I now call them.

So now everyone will want to be part of the new and exciting World saving HR team.

But we have some challenges. With around 2.4 million unemployed and 400,000+ vacancies that’s 5 people for every job; not a great situation really because HR need to make it as easy as possible for 1 in 5 of those 2.4m to find the RIGHT job as well as get other people to leave their existing job for another job. Not just any old job but the right job. If HR just take on anyone then quality suffers be it product or service. That results in poor sales and profits and all because HR recruit the wrong people.

If HR don’t get their attraction strategy right then they’ll just attract the wrong people, keep on employing the wrong people and let the wrong people waste their valuable time and destroy their company. So who still wants to save the World?
But what if HR bottle it? What if they see this as a “real” chance to be strategic and miss the point entirely? What then for the economy? Maybe the dinosaurs will evolve as I have previously suggested.

According to feedback we have had from a few hundred corporate recruiters in the last month, agency fees are still the biggest recruitment cost they are looking to reduce so clearly agencyosaurus is not quite extinct. Based on the search results in Google for “flat fee recruitment” some however are adapting to the new future; flat fee is the new full fee so HR no longer have such a large cost to attack. From Dragons Den James Caan's Webrecruit to the fun loving Net Natives and the pragmatic EasyWebRecruitment they all make a very compelling, low cost option.

There is some good news for HR. Like it or not, recruiting is a system and if you just follow the system you can start to save the World. OK, so there are some additions to the system such as social networks but they are purely the tip of the iceberg; 10% at best. Talent pools and referrals are older than the agencies yet so few employers REALLY do a good job with these. Taking some concepts from the marketing world and adding some smart and very low cost automation to the job will immediately transform your results. Somewhat tactical I know but sometimes it well, just works. Follow the system, it just works.

Keep looking over your shoulder though; the agencies are adapting, even we are having to get in on the act to help HR save the World by taking a few agency recruiters and helping them adapt to our new model!

If you don’t know what the system is…….we do and it just works.

Maybe we can show you before it’s too late; the economy can’t wait forever!

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