I can see the summit…..

My first phase of Infusionsoft is almost complete; I can see the summit.  I reckon I can go live within the next few days.  But, as close as I am to the summit, I find a final crevice out to suck me into the depths of despair.  The Sherpa’s offer much support but their offer of a ladder too short just does not help.  We cannot leap the gap yet we cannot go back.

Every process is now mapped but, the order process is too US centric with terminology and lack of configuration so our customers will either:

  • Get confused OR,
  • Think it’s pants!

We are having to do the best we can and mackle (it’s a technical term!) together the best solution we can in the short term and hope that IF will recognise the weakness of the system.  This is always the case with US software vendors and I know better; yet even with all my experience I still fall foul to something.

See, I’m not perfect!

It will be interesting to see how we take our final steps upwards towards go live but, the real danger is always on the way down.  Going live will be a relief, there will be some celebrations, but we have to then get safely down from the top back to base camp.  The first few orders will test both us and the customer but we will find a solution somehow.  So close but so far!

I will let you know when we hit the summit; you can watch and see if we fall 🙂

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