I Miss Sick Days

sickdaysThere are only a few things that I miss about working in Corporate America.  I miss that predictable direct deposit into my account every two weeks, I miss paid vacations, and I miss paid sick days.

I mention this because I have been a feverish, miserable mess for the past few days (don’t worry — you can’t catch it through a blog). I had hoped to recover over the weekend, but this evil strep monster is hanging in there.

Because I work for myself, I didn’t have to call in sick to anyone this morning (you know they would have thought I was faking it on a Monday). At the same time, I have to figure out how I’m going to keep my company on track and client projects on schedule while my brain is fogged and my chest is congested. That means delegating, reprioritizing, and sucking it up and working when I’d rather be in bed.

Of course, I often did the same thing when I was working in Corporate America.  I dragged my sick self to the office many times over the years. And the good news is that I don’t get sick nearly as often these days.  That’s probably because I’m not working in close proximity with people who drag their sick selves into the office on a regular basis.

So I guess I’ll take my DayQuil and try to remember that I’ve got it pretty good even if I don’t get paid to be sick.

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