If I Were A Job Hunter I Would…

– Immediately make sure my voicemail delivered a professional message. Featuring MY voice I would mention MY name and welcome the caller indicating that I would return all calls.

– Stop the privacy manager function on my phone allowing restricted calls in. Many recruiters use restricted caller ID because those who call at work cannot put a candidate’s job in jeopardy.

– Conduct all phone interviews on a land line. I wouldn’t want to risk a break in communications during such an important conversation. I would find a telephone booth (yep that’s what I said!) if all else failed!

– Attend job fairs. I would submit my resume to every single company present if they employ people like me. I would chat with company representatives and request names of hiring managers in my field.

– Attend live events in my field so I could meet people who do what I do. I would learn who in my area hires people with my background, I would find out as much as possible about who they are and I would approach them.

– Always at least go Dress Casual to every event. I would not wear T Shirts to networking events and I would not wear shots and flip-flops to a job fair! Employers see me before they hear me.

– Develop a business card that identified not just who I was what you are. I would include my skill sets and functional areas expertise.

– Never pre-judge a job or company before I had the opportunity to see for myself… The next guy can’t determine what I want or what I’m willing to do to get ahead.

– Be well trained to job hunt. I would become a strong hunter and I would never give up.

– On the days when I was ready to give up I would play this vide


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