Interview tip of the day: Transform your interview into an enjoyable conversation vs. a dry Q&A session

If you have been offered an interview by a law firm, generally the firm’s hiring group has already determined that you are qualified for the open position (at least “on paper”).  An in-person interview is a great way for a firm to learn more about your personality and the way you present yourself, and to gauge if you would make a good cultural “fit” with the firm.

As much as is possible, try to transform any interview into an enjoyable conversation, rather than a question and answer session.  Many people get nervous in interview situations and wait passively for the interviewer to ask questions before speaking.  Most interviewers will have a better impression of you if you are actively engaged in the interview and also show genuine interest in them and their backgrounds.  Therefore, try to market your strengths and accomplishments as much as you can- however, if a more personalized conversation begins, let the conversation flow.  In doing so, you will hopefully have presented yourself as someone that your interviewer would be happy to have as a colleague.

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