Iranian Politics and Employment Branding Have Something In Common

Iranians used Twitter to expose the corrupt elections and political turmoil in 2009. It had a profound ripple effect on how Social Media is used. And it was an A-ha moment for Recruiters globally.

Just like the stifled Iranian protests that seeped through Twitter feeds, 2010 will be about controlling what the outside world thinks about your company.

This is where Recruiters enter and exit…


Recruiters use every social media websites to find candidates, right? But Recruiters also deal with the bad pub that is generated on blogs, comments, tweets, pictures, and anything on the web. So, attracting top talent is a BIG challenge if the company doesn’t have a good reputation.

Now Exit…

How your company maintains its employment brand (or in some cases cleans it up) will NOT fall into the Recruiters role.

This means…

Employment Branding Campaigns will be controlled by HR and where Recruiters just chip in to be a pair of hands.

The very place you find candidates will also be the platform for HR to deploy Employment Branding initiatives and programs.

Your job, the Recruiter, in 2010 is to find talent and deliver a uniform message or “The Employment Brand”.

Think about it….

Using Social Media to deliver a positive message is part of the job now. AND, Recruiters will take to social media websites a uniform message to attract top talent and at the same time counter the bad public image it already has.

Iranian politics has something in common with Employment Branding Projects – social media sites (like Twitter) will be under a watchful eye and controlled at all times.


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