Jeremiah Owyang lashes out again

Jeremiah arr Looks like Bad Cop is shouting his mouth off again with his latest post Firing Your Clients – Even During a Recession

I find it amazing that after his last guff Expect changes at Mzinga he waits such a short time before lobbing out another grenade into the market place.

I agree that some clients may not be that great to work with or indeed profitable but if this is the case surely you make a business decision and deal with it. 

I think that for Jeremiah to ‘incite violence’ like this is beyond his remit yet again.  A lot of Forrester clients are big brands as are his readers and to quote him:

“…..many of my readers are from large brands. Hope this wakes some folks up.”

Hopefully someone at Forrester will wake up Jeremiah.  Not sure he will listen. Come on Jeremiah, wake up and smell the coffee as you say in America!

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