Job boards Vs Recruiters – the gloves are off – round one to the Guardian

Below the belt

Looks like another job board (Guardian Jobs) has slapped agencies in the face or in the views of commentators on Recruitment Views it was an illegal punch below the belt!

Bit instead of moaning about underhand tactics from a job boards the agencies should be getting in the first punch instead of waiting.  Oh, I forgot, they take the kidney punch approach instead!

I’m not sure how true the incident is but in summary, the post talks about a recruiter that found out the Guardian Jobs are now sending CV’s direct to employers.  Using the CV’s that the agency adverts have driven to the site.  How immoral I know.  And, they (Guardian) are acting like and agency and must register as one.

The job boards were initially going to destroy the agencies and we all know that has not happened; if anything it is the job board that is under threat of extinction.  So what are they going to do? Go away or fight to survive.  Monster (apt name now) are not exactly slow in approaching employers direct and many job boards have allowed both agency and employer to advertise together.  Agencies live off the back of the employer brand in many cases, scavenge amongst the CV databases and then re-sell candidates that they have not brought to the job board anyway.  So why shouldn’t a job board do the same?

I have no real issue with agencies ‘re-selling’ CV’s to clients as it takes a lot of skill and effort to do a great job and saves the client a lot of time when they do it well.  But as a large number do a bad job then job boards don’t exactly have a lot of competition.  If the clients were to compare a cheap CV processing service from a job board with a fee based service from an agency, and the agency service was far superior (they can define value) then they will go for the best.  But if not.  Rather than getting on their soapboxes and moaning about job boards being “underhand” maybe they should look at the service they can offer to clients that is different and better.

I speak to a lot of employers about agencies and the constant bashing of the telephone drives them mad yet still the agencies persist with this method.  The telephone has a place but not for cold calling and not in this market.  If you want to survive you need to better than this.
Adapt or die is a bit of a well worn phrase but it seems like the job boards are more aware of the meaning than some of the agencies!

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