The Job Seeker's Triathlon & Twitter Treat: The Day That Each One Reached One

It was a risk worth taking! Candidates had always found difficulty “getting in the door.” Recently job fairs had become ghosts of what they once had been and Human Resource Managers, Recruiters and Hiring Managers seemed elusive. It was as if part of job search had morphed into job chase and sometimes even job stalk just to get someone to speak with you.

Then last Saturday everything changed. With very little notice, 10 people who hire named Tina, Mindy, Chris, Jeff, Matt, George, Jennifer, Diane, and two Stephanies stepped out on a weekend to help a group of job seekers improve their skills. I was the job search expert and Jeremy was the social networking expert teaching in separate classrooms, while those who traditionally write “Dear John” letters with regret from Mondays through Fridays, mentored and encouraged job seekers last Saturday. Matt, one of our employers, invited Rebecca, a job seeker, to his firm for an interview this week!

As if this weren’t magical enough, earlier in the month through our adventures on Twitter, we met a colleague and made a friend. Stephanie Lloyd from The Calibre Search Group, Atlanta, Georgia agreed to join our triathalon. With cell phone in hand, one-by-one each job seeker practiced phone interviewing with Stephanie and came away enlightened.

At a time when our job seekers feel forced into a herd mentality, we can’t thank our experts enough for their support, especially Stephanie Lloyd. Here’s her take on helping job seekers hold better phone interviews.

Will there be more Triathlon Saturdays? You bet! We’re committed to Each One Reach One! I’ll keep you in the loop!

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