Jobpapido – radical dudes they tell me

I contacted Jobrapido today to enquire about their XML job feed or API.  I loved the response so much I had to share it!

“Jobrapido is a young and fast growing company with a presence all over Europe. (Sorry America – PG) We are introducing a radical innovation to the field of job search by applying the Google model to online recruiting. (Woweee – PG)

Our search engine enables job hunters to search through all the job vacancies posted on hundreds of company websites, recruiting agency websites and job boards in the UK. (Now that's what I call radical dude but what happened to Europe? – PG)

Please note that we are not a job board, and do not offer a job posting service. (So that's what makes a job board then – PG)

With Jobrapido, you can leverage your own corporate website to collect applications and give the best visibility to your business.

You simply need to publish your vacancies on your corporate website and send us the URL of the page where your jobs for the UK are posted. At this point your site will be added to our inclusions list.

The basic inclusion in Jobrapido is free. All you have to do is to add a link to our site and send us a confirmation.

Link text:
Job Search with Jobrapido
  (Nice try for a bit linkbait – but I gave you some! – PG)

So there you have it.  No API or XML feed but full of radical innovation.

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