Laid Off? Consider the Following!

1. Consider a Bridge Job. Not immediately finding the career-directed opportunity for which you’ve been searching? There’s nothing wrong with contract or temp-to-hire status in your field. Many turn into great permanent career moves. Don’t worry if it’s a lower position. Everybody understands the times and a bridge job beats losing the house.

2. Consider a 1099 status. Many of us are so used to being W2 employees that any other arrangement makes us uncomfortable. You can even leverage this late in the interview process. Does your spouse have great benefits? Then you’re a great candidate for a 1099 relationship. You’ll save the employer money.

3. Consider commuting to another geographical area but do it early in the job search! Don’t do this out of desperation. Pursue all of your options simultaneously. We have many professionals who live in Chicago and come home on weekends. We have one who commutes to Florida; she leaves on Monday and comes home Thursday night. Not ideal but not necessarily forever!

4. Start your own business? We have a client who has started a grout cleaning business. Now he won’t even go on interviews because he has no time! He also has no time to work on my house! The key here is that he’s offering a service so his start-up required little capital investment. And he knows how to promote!

5. Consider approaching companies uninvited! We are doing some real experimentation with companies claiming hiring freezes, and low and behold they are getting excited about bringing two of our candidates on board in July when new fiscal year begins. The key here is to establish communication with folks who work there! Also please have some verifiable experience that immediately established value.

6. Consider and understand why this might not be the time to seek your fantasy career change. Companies are in survival mode and won’t take risks! Get back to work and don’t give up on your dreams. Economic downturns lead to economic recovery. This too shall pass!

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