Marketability and bar membership

In this challenging market, it definitely helps your marketability if you are licensed in the state you are seeking employment in. If you are not currently licensed in that state, firms will take you more seriously if you at least register to sit for the relevant state’s bar exam or begin the process of waiving into that state’s bar via reciprocity (if this is applicable).

In less competitive geographic areas, bar membership may not be as big of an issue, especially if you have a strong academic background and solid law firm experience. Similarly, if you are an attorney with expertise in a stable or growing practice area, you may find that you are able to get interviews without being currently licensed in that state. For example, in California, most firms are now requiring applicants to be licensed with the State Bar of California. I have seen some firms, however, make an exception to this general rule if they come across a stellar candidate in a growing practice area like bankruptcy or patent prosecution.

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