Moving systems | Moving house


Clearly I don't have enough to do and won't be happy until I lose my head!  I am only 2 weeks away from swapping CRM systems, running the Discovery System Breakfast Seminar (its full!) and moving house from the Midlands to Tavistock, Devon.  On top of that, it looks like I have a major project to implement with a big company based about 3 miles from where I currently live!

Yet the plan is to work less, earn more, exploit technology to allow me to sleep.

Working with Infusionsoft is a real eye opener to how a different approach to software makes a real change.  They focus very heavily on my sales results rather than how I want to use their system.  They throw a lot of resource at me which is great but also a little confusing.  Specific skill sets but does feel a bit too much too soon and I could see some people getting a bit overwhelmed; I am however pushing them hard as well!  Either way, ATS vendors could learn a lot from this approach by focusing on the customer results more than just implementing their software.  It has been a real education for me as well and I hope to improve what I offer as a result of this.

So, we have leads coming in every day into Salesforce while at the same time setting up Infusionsoft.  When D-day comes it is going to be fun; I'm bound to miss something somewhere!

Justin King of Sainsburys was recently quoted as saying “Fix the problems first, then put your foot on the gas!”  I feel like I have it the other way round.  Moving house could not have come at a better time.

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