Must-have sourcing resource for online community manager talent

With all the buzz around talent communities in social media recruiting, a logical next question is where to source experienced talent in a space that’s still so new that it’s hard to know who does it well. My sourcing recommendation would be to start with those doing it as their full-time job.

To that end, earlier this year, Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group and an assistant compiled a fabulous (and growing) list of social media community managers at companies.

If you’re still working on a job spec (or want to benchmark), he also describes a report you can get free, which covers the attributes, background, and experience needed for this role.

The post was updated to include a link to a spreadsheet that lists related people’s Twitter handles, and a list of community managers working at non-profits, too.

By his own admission in one of the comments (yet more talent listed there) below the post, Jeremiah hadn’t thought about the recruiting angle of community management. So the people listed don’t necessarily have a recruiting focus to their work, but it’s likely part of their mandate in many cases (though surely subservient to product marketing / customer service / branding).

Nevertheless, if you’re sourcing this kind of talent or want to benchmark, you’ll want to check out all of the above!

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