mypeoplebiz goes live kind of nearly almost soon

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There have been a few raised eyebrows on this one and a particularly scathing post by @andyheadworth which I resisted until now; but now that the site is live here goes.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Leonard when he was MD of Securicor Recruitment Services.  Chris had a vision of an online self-service agency concept and eventually went on to launch when SRS just couldn’t buy into the concept.  Chris was too early with his idea but at SRS we tried some great new ideas and some actually worked really well.  mypeoplebiz has even less chance than had.

The site is live with some employer logo’s who are clearly connections that Trevor Bish-Jones clearly has.  As David Brookfield commented on the Sirona Blog;

“the mixture of highly connected Ex CEO and highly motivated and knowledgeable recruiter is a marriage made in heaven.”

Bish-Jones (BJ) probably is well connected at CEO level but with how many who want to still pay fees for other people to help them hire?  There is a massive focus on direct resourcing particularly in the retail sector so BJ is clearly up against it.  But as he and founding partner Frank Varela (FV) state, social networks are key to how people will find jobs.  I’m impressed (not) with both of their Linkedin profiles and even less impressed with their social web activities elsewhere.  OK, so they don’t need to be everywhere online but if you don’t have passion for what drives your business model then will you succeed?

FV may be in recruitment but online is very different so going back to the comment from David Brookfield, I’m not sure what kind of marriage he refers to or how a recruiter from the legal sector and pick-and-mix man are well placed to run this kind of “radically new recruitment business”.  But, maybe they are.

So, my final piece is the site.  Sorry boys but it’s pants.  Clunky, inconsistent, bits don’t work, missing content etc.  But what should I expect from two very non-technical people?  This is not the recruitment industry you are in; you’re a technology driven business that is trying to help people make money and/or find jobs.  I don’t really care one way or another if you succeed but have to laugh at some of the comments BJ has had quoted in the Telegraph this week but will let him have the final words (almost).

“The duo believe that the website has the ability to turn the economics of the billion pound recruitment industry on its head.”

“I want to look every client in the eye and say I don’t care where the candidates come from, I make the same amount of money.”

Go for it Trev; you know you can do it.

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