Old business cards – not just for binning

While there’s no denying that the plastic boxes that business cards come in make brilliant containers for bottles of nail polish, what do you do with leftover cards? Whether you’ve been fired, made redundant or even promoted (somewhat less likely these days), you will at some point in your career have found yourself with stacks of them. In the bad old days, you’d have chucked them out without sparing a thought for the trees. But these days, we’re expected to be greener. And a 28 year old LA native, Tom Van Daele, has come up with an innovative – and positive – use for obsolete cards.

Via his cardsforchange.com website, Van Daele is encouraging people to deface old business cards. And rather than simply using them to slag off erstwhile employers, we’re being encouraging to write something positive – perhaps to do with how life is better now, or what we’re doing since quitting the ‘regular’ job.

Van Daele saId: “A lot of people who get laid off start to doubt their abilities: we wanted to give them a bit of hope.”

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