Outsource your twitter profile. Should you? Would you? Could you?

OK so it sounds like a real bad thing to do for some but some of it can be outsourced.
  1. Initial set-up, particularly automated accounts such as job feeds.
  2. Fully automated accounts such as job or PR feeds.
  3. Day-to-day message filtering of keywords.
  4. Search and follow target audience e.g. retail buyers.
  5. Profile monitoring e.g. DM's and RT's.
Of course there are more areas that can be outsourced but the principle is that it can be.  But what about the bits you should not?

Twitter is about the conversation and anything over a few hundred followers and you lose the conversation.  Maybe that is why Seth Godin does not allow comments on his blog – he can't engage with his audience so why pretend.  But for any corporate recruiters who have a niche recruiting area, let someone else 'deal with the admin' so you can have some decent conversations.  Focus on your unique ability and don't try to be everything to everyone.

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