.JOBS Expansion Vote had one Opponent

A preliminary report on the ICANN board meeting earlier this month shows that the decision to expand the use of .jobs Internet addresses had at least one opponent. Of the 15 voting members of the board of the Internet addressing authority (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), 14 participated in the Aug. 5 closed, teleconference. When it came time to vote, one board member opposed the expansion, two abstained, leaving 11 in favor


Are You Hoarding or Sharing?

A client asked me “should I put the PDF of my resume on my personal website and keep the Word document to myself? I don’t want someone downloading it and stealing the content.” A fellow resume writer told me “I never put my best samples online because someone might steal my designs.” And a web designer once suggested to me that we only show partial sample resumes on our site “to stop people copying your work.” Think about that for a moment … the client would be prepared to lose out on job opportunities because her resume wasn’t accessible online. The resume writer is willing to have people make buying decisions based on work that isn’t the best she can do.


The Hard Facts in International Recruiting

My younger brother Barak got married August 12, 2010. When we were growing up, the thing I knew for sure was that I hated him.


7 Ways to Prove Your Worth on Your Resume

I just read a great post by Jonathan Fields over on Awake@theWheel about the 7 types of proof clients/customers need before they will buy a product or service. And as I was reading, it struck me that his advice also applies to resume writing. All too often you read things like ‘looking for a job is a marketing campaign’ and ‘your resume is a marketing document,’ but perhaps it’s hard to know how to translate that vague principle into a new resume or job search plan.


Mock Trial: Are Job Descriptions Illegal?

If job descriptions aren’t illegal, they should be. Let’s hold a mock trial. You’re one of the jurors. We don’t need unanimity here, a mere super majority will do.


Unemployment Claims Data Adds More Uncertainty

Data, data everywhere, But what of it to think?


Talentag: the Social CV Site for Friends Only

Talentag connects to your profiles on other social media and will import your work history and friends lists. Then you can connect to them on Talentag and ask them for feedback, get tagged, and, for grins, award and receive badges.


The Cost of a Bad Hire: How to Actually Do Something About it

John Sullivan wrote about the cost of a bad hire . Reading through the list, I thought it was extremely comprehensive … someone must have done their homework.


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