Pay Me With A Chicken – A New Bartering Website

Pay Me With a Chicken has just launched. Its a 100% free website for people who “love to barter.” It allows traders the option to upload a video (like YouTube), or just a description and still photos of their items or services. And there’s a category for everything you can think of:

Here’s a member who wants to swap his condo>

Here’s a band that will perform for barter>

Here’s an artist who’ll swap her paintings>

The site has just been activated and the founders have started spreading the word through social networking. But very soon – once they have enough postings to demonstrate its functionality – they’ll roll out a full blown media blitz online, in print and in news stories on select cable networks and TV affiliate stations nationwide. So if you join now, your listing will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors when goes viral … which they predict that it will.

Since the economy isn’t as strong as we would like it to be right now bartering could be a great option for getting what you want without paying a lot of cash. I think this site is a great idea…it will be interesting to see how it fares.

Original post: Liz Handlin’s Ultimate Resumes Blog