Professional Curriculum Vitae

FixCV is a group of professional recruiters networked across the globe in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Reviewing and dropping resumes from job applicants are part of our daily work. Very often only one tenth of them can survive moving on to next step.  We know from first-hand experience the best way to present your skill-set, background and experience in the most favorable way specific to your target profession and position. We know what top-notch job search documents look like. We have a solid grasp on the entire selection process. Our resumes can set you up for success as hiring managers embark on the screening and interviewing process.

Curriculum Vitae Review

Free Service – We will comment generally on adequacy and presentation of content in respect to your target job(s), and make suggestions for improvement. The turn-around time is about one week. To use this free service you agree to let us publish your resume with our comments on.

Fee Service – We shall charge a fee for the above service if you wish not to publish your data publicly. The fee scheme goes with your seniority:

  • $5 – if you have less than a year full time work experience
  • $10 – all others

The fees will go very much on covering cost of runing and marketing this web site. So you are welcome to be more generous if you see we have helped you much.

You can trust us to treat you and your confidential information with the highest level of ethical and moral standards.

Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter Rewriting

With deep and current knowledge of business and hiring practices, we can create a resume for you which will help you target any job with confidence. Whether you want to build a new resume from scratch, or you want to improve your existing resume, we will help you ramp up your resume and take your job search to the next level.

We will use a highly individualized approach, focusing on your specific needs.

Entry Service $20 – Your resume professionally written, designed and edited to help promote your skills and services in the best way. We wil ensure your resume content is optimized for computer scanning as well as for review by human. The turn-around time is about one week.

Achiever Service $200 (in first & second equal instalments) – We will conduct a couple of career consultation with you before commencing a writing (Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank-you & Follow-up Letters). The overall time span from start to our writing delivery is typically around 1-2 weeks.

  • Define and include what skills are implied by job descriptions
  • Pick a resume format works best in respect to your application process
  • Analyze, strengthen, and target your resume and cover letter

Besides the writing we will advice you on ways to effectively distinguish yourself during the interview process – before, during, and follow-up. This will significantly improve your application process, often by getting your resume directly to the hiring manager!

The Process

Once you send your first payment, we will email you a form to complete. We will review your information and discuss from there. Once you agree on an approach, we will provide you with a Word and/or PDF copy of your resume and cover letter, as well as all other writing needed. When and if you are happy with our work, then you will submit us the final payment.