Recruiting Strategy for Twitter

The importance of branding was missed when initially writing on how to 
recruit from Twitter  or created slideshare on Recruiting Via Twitter  and even when critical  seeing so many recruiters were spending there whole day in twitter ( I know you Ain’t recruiting).. which I still l don’t understand on how you do it… well Its very easy to get hooked on it… 

Many recruiters start posting “I am looking for a blab blah manager”  as soon as you hear that twitter is the next best thing in social media. The importance of branding, creating your profile, following your interest  and generating interest is totally forgotten.
You won’t hire anyone without having a strategy to start with.  Its more important when you are a company or a business.
Twitter is so appealing to the all search engines(with you search ranking coming on top) and with the ability to spread your message at light speed and monitor online conversations about your business, company , brand or You.

Here are 10 simple practices:-

(1) Guidelines:- You should have a clear guideline on what you going to do. All your post/tweets/updates should adhere to clear policies and procedures representing your company. Simple things like whether you should “follow” selected people in twitter or follow “All” should be sorted out. Are you going to screen people.. using tools like topify..simpfly  or other automated tools will help.

(2)Brand:- I like company Brands with a human face; not just a anon person putting in updates. It shows its real than just a PR media with motto only to pump up good will. The person should have the access directly with the PR and communication channel office. The message coming out should have a similar vibe from the official channel.

(3)Keep in touch:- Finding the details on why they are following is important; what are they looking for?(Occasional survey would help)Are they interested in Industry news or careers? Make Separate usernames for different functions. Make it available and update it regularly.

(4)Career related:- One of the most asked question is “I have the right skills.. why I didn’t get selected”…People forget to understand that there’s always things more than the skills…… Attitude, Personality, Culture of the company differs and that’s something you should bring out more than “I have a job opening”; what type of people you hire and what type work here?

(5)Change:- Change is hard but important. With twitter follows,.. you can see people’s pictures, personal blog, personal ideology and not only twitter but social media in general makes it easier for discrimination in the job recruiting process. .. goes back to the guidelines and what type of people you choose to represent on Twitter. The fine line about someone venting against your company or telling a truth which is hard to digest (especially in this economy) should they be considered as bad mouthing your company? Where the limitations?

(6)Contribute and Share:– It’s hard to make everyone happy. You won’t be able to reply to all comments. Be Straight. Comes back to what you are here for?You have to contribute valuable content along with sharing research reports ,whitepaper etc and need to be a person answering certain comments.

(7)BlackHole:- Careersites and employee ATS are well known for taking the resumes to blackhole. In twitter your reputation management can go down the sink very fast; so a simple answer “I don’t have anything for you right now” will help a lot. 

(8)Beware:– You try your best still its always trial and error. You are a human and even with your best intentions there are always bad elements out there ..just to get you. You feel very itchy to write back or get back to them.. its soooo tempting. The best approach IGNORE. You can’t make everyone happy.

(9)Don’t Give up:– It takes time.. a lot of time to generate valuable leads. Creating CRM for your twitter might be a good idea.What’s the value in working for you? Things you can’t talk or mention in your job description is what people want to hear. Integrating a new tool like Twitter with you other social media mix would require commitment and patience.

(10) Divide and Conquer:- Don’t make social media the job of one person. If you are a business or company you need to cover different areas, types of news, career roles,ideas etc. Turn the remote to tech savvy recruiters who can do understands the needs and bring in more clicks to your career page. 

Now are you ready to recruit from Twitter?

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