Is removing your name from a CV the death of the CV rather than the death of discrimination?

Is the name removal legislation suggested by Lynne Featherstone the final nail in the coffin for the CV or is @andyheadworth just courting controversy for some additional traffic to his blog?  Or are the CIPD and REC actually supporting a good idea and some/most are just missing the point entirely?

Andy Headworth makes some valid points but taking first school as an example, if I went to school in Hong Kong what does that say?  Am I Chinese?  Am I an expat-brat? Is my first school even important?  If I have a degree should I say where from?  People are discriminated against depending on which university they went to – does this need to be stopped?  The government are reducing the number of university places for privately educated children – is this not discrimination? Lynne Featherstone gives the example of how her ‘obviously non-Anglo Saxon’ Interns only got past the initial sift for other jobs when they had Member of Parliament on their CV.  Lynne, we sift on information such as experience so maybe a blank sheet of paper would be better?  Were not the Anglo Saxon’s invading tribes anyway – so the fittest/stongest survived?

I wonder how we will be allowed to choose people to work with us?  If I need an online marketeer with 5 years online marketing experience am I not discriminating against those that do not have a computer?  I think the name of the person is pretty irrelevant in some ways but when do you get the name, will you then use it to find out more information anyway?  Snoop on their e-mails or Facebook profile?  Take references? 
The Government wants national ID cards for our own safety – I think our name is a unique identifier alongside NI number etc but if we cannot know it early on are we going to be safe when recruiting?  It may not seem like a real threat but what if someone of a low moral or violent disposition manages to get a temp job in a food factory and puts something into the food chain because they were able to get through a job interview because the initial checks could not verify name, address etc.
Discrimination is rife and real.  It needs to be addressed at every level.  Taking a name off a CV may not seem like a valid start point but take it off, so what – it will take a lot more effort than this.  So let’s not get bogged down with a name.  Let’s move onto the real issues rather than moan and groan about a name.

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