Research / Recruiting starts with Researching

Research / Recruiting starts with Researching

I wrote the following article on the very first issue of Sourcecon
was at that time)  “
Research Starts with Research “exactly a year back and still think is very relvant.
 Most recruiters consider Internet as database and start working on it
without understanding what the problem is and without any planning starts
tackling a recruiting assignment. Whether you use the Search Engines or Job
boards you can’t achieve your maximum potential without planning and more
importantly stop to think on what you going to do; how you going to do?,how to
break up your task,how this search would be different from a smilar search 2
months back. Internet is changing very fast and so would your searching ability
and capability should. The way you searched 6 months back may be relevant but a
whole new dimension might have got added which you should improve up on.

So here you go from something I wrote a yr

ability to source and attract the most qualified candidate requires a skilled,
organized, and high-performing staff. Talent sourcing begins with research.
Laying down a good foundation not only finishes your jobs faster and avoids
coming back to the start process again.

are the three stepping stones.

the comfort zone-

sourcing/research begins with knowing what you are looking for. It is just not
about knowing what skills or key words you are looking; rather it should even
involve what type of hiring manager you are dealing including any details about
his background, current employees, working profile. You may bring the best
resume but the manager always has the softness for the college he/she
graduated. The manager has to be interviewed skillfully finding out specific
KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) and attitude along with
profiling/interviewing the most productive employee. The more time you spend
with the manager, the more details you get the easier your job. It is all about
finding which candidate would fit the comfort zone.

your search-

gathering is a tedious process. Before you start digging or writing advanced
Boolean you have to be sure what area, which competitor, firm, department or
industry do you want the search to focus on? This is where you decide if you
would be doing the telephone research or Internet research. Both have its pros
and con. Phone works well for targeted searches, but still requires you to do
the homework on web before you start calling.

The Search-

it simple by starting with your ATS database. Most of the ATS are great but
still a big black hole unless you search on it. The job board and yes the
researchers should be looking on it for ones that were missed out, the resumes
with past junior titles, Archived ones and most importantly looking for the
trends on layoffs or the industry/company where most resumes coming from could
be an easy target.

Engines/ISP sites: – These sites have personal web pages with resumes, blogs
and links to past employers, and more (

directories: – Networking, Individuals who register with their

Professional/social Networking sites(LinkedIn), Alumni
Associations( or corporate), professional organization (like
American Accounting Association ), local Chapters, Forums, Groups(Yahoo/Google)

ZoomInfo, Pipl, One Scource, Jobster etc.

Automation tools: – SourcePoint, TalentHook, Broadlook, Egrabber, Spiders,
CSE’s etc.

search:-Targeting a Company/Industry. “

Things are moving fast . The
world is changing  from a SaaS (
Software as
a Service) to a
PaaS(Platform as a service)environment. Many of the tools I mention today may not
be relevant tomorrow but technology and tools that plugs or toolbars for
recruiting might become easier, faster and much better.

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