Seth Godin Tribes adds fuel to the fire

I have read a few of Seth Godin's books and enjoyed them all but found his latest book Tribes to be a great addition to my wood burning fire.  I have to say that I got bored by page 15, flicked through looking for inspiration and found none and admitted defeat.

Maybe this is an example of how a 'guru' becomes a 'gnu' and loses his way amongst his own self-importance.  The book read like some kind of 'rally to rebel' against I'm not sure what.  Maybe Godin fell off his soapbox at page 15 and hit his head?  Maybe that's why he will not take comments on his blog?

Maybe that's why I'm not a guru – I'm just missing something.  Let's hope his next book is better.  The point of the post?  I'm rebelling and happy to be wrong so in Godin's opinion being a leader – I think not.

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