Seth Godin Tribes – I perservered!

TribesI wrote a post the other day Seth Godin Tribes adds fuel to the fire as I had found the book a little tiresome.  I get the point (of Tribes) and like it but just felt that the delivery of the message was a bit too much of a preach to one’s disciples.  I had read a review that pretty much said the same but still bought the book as I did want to get my own view – which was OK in the end.  

Then, Seth (or someone assuming his e-mail address) reached out to me (humouring this US term) by e-mail with their response as below:

“sorry you didn’t like my book, Peter I guess many people who made it a bit further felt otherwise (fortunately for me).

I hope I do better next time.”

So, impressed that Seth cared I tried again and went beyond page 15.  The message is still the same, Tribes make sense but the style is IMHO a bit over the top.  Not that I am that important but Seth Godin does not need to preach; we get the point, hear the message and take an action.

But, by Seth making more effort than should/could/would be expected he has shown that HE cares.  Maybe that has a greater impact than the words in his book or the style he chose to deliver it.  And that is what the book is really about. 

Not what you say, or how you say it; but what you DO.

I think Seth has already done better; I will hopefully learn the same!
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