Social Media: connected or dis-connected?

Connected The Dinosaurs are out in earnest with their claims of “when we were lads this is how WE did it”.  All about building relationships, picking up the phone, meeting and greeting.  Not all this social media stuff.

Bill Boorman, who admits to being a recruitment dinosaur is still banging his “pick up the phone” mentality (Check out his free sales competition and then you know why [maybe] you are getting more calls than usual). 

Andy Headworth is now following suit with his latest blog post entitled “Has social caused us to lose the power of speech“.

Even Seth Godin seems to be contradicting himself somewhat on the YouTube video below (thank Andy H for finding this).

Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of the views of my learned friends above; they are of course a lot smarter than me.  Even Seth is “correct” in that loads of Friends and Followers does not mean you will convert loads of business and have lots of REAL friends who will go the extra mile for you.

But, this week I have “lost” a Friend who died at the early age of just 46.  No, he's not a long lost buddy, or someone I actually knew that well, but I and many others met him through an ultra marathon he organised and have kept in touch with him via Facebook as one of the ways he kept in touch with all of us.  He may not have been a friend in the world of the dinosaurs but it was still a big shock and hurts to see him gone.

On a more positive note, there are people who do build up good contacts online that allow them to build face-to-face relationships at a later stage and then still keep in touch (via Facebook as an example) to cement and develop that relationship.

So my favourite dinosaurs; let's stop boring our younger generation with “how we did it” and move on.  Before time they'll be telling us how to do it (they've done show) as no-one really cares what or how we did it.  We don't listen to our parents; why should we expect any different.  We should show them how we can adapt our ways to the new ways – or are we just the Agencyosaurus? (and proud of it!!)

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