Social Recruiting Ad Packages – Facebook and Linkedin

With both Facebook and Linkedin after your recruiting budget should you be trying out their ad packages?  Well, before you decide I’ve set-up trials with both to see how well they work and how easy they are to track.


They offer a CPC and CPM pricing model in one format albeit text and image.  It is very easy to set-up and the targeting looks pretty good.


They offer the same as Facebook PLUS the option of job ads although both are in US $ only!  Again nice set-up process and targeting.  For advertisers wanting to spend more than $25,000 there are additional options.


On the basis that they have quite different Groups of people who may use the sites very differently you will need to do a fair bit of testing to see what works best on each.  Linkedin for example can be very business/job focused whereas Facebook may need to be more of a branding or Page promotion exercise but as FB is very low cost this should not be too expensive.

I see the bigger issue though being that both want payment via credit cards whereas most companies won’t have a credit card for this type of ongoing spend.

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