Social Recruiting: over before it ever got started!

It makes me smile how we are starting to hear comments about social recruiting being a SCAM or over already.  Yes, it has yet to prove itself but as I remind people; job boards have taken over the recruitment advertising market – things change.

The big employers are going to be cautious for very good reasons but social networks are not being ignored.  For a Global organisation, having a global resourcing strategy without social media is hard enough, throw in the likes of Facebook and it gets that little bit harder so they are bound to be cautious.  The bigger issue though is how robust is their current process/infrastructure?  No point driving loads more traffic to a career site that can’t handle it or, setting up Twitter profiles that never converse.

2009 is the year of research in readiness for 2010.  So don’t panic if you think you are behind; there’s still time!

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