Stop changing the menu…

I'm a big fan of the celebrity chefs and indeed like to think I am a pretty good cook.  I always watch Nightmare Kitchens and marvel at the simplicity that Gordon Ramsay instills upon the restaurant owners and am constantly amazed at their stupidity.  I have been going to an Indian restaurant in Leicester (Vishal) for over 20 years and the menu has hardly changed.  I go there for the best chicken tikka and nan breads ever seen on this planet.  I would stop going (it is now 40 miles away from me) if they changed.  They can put up the price, move location, get bigger etc but just don't change the recipe/menu.

So why do some restaurants keep on changing what they do?  Madness.

But, this is exactly what I have been doing.  Yes, the tikka is still on the menu but only if you look hard and actually know about it.  My homepage should say:

The best chiken tikka you will ever taste or your money back.

I like to convince myself that it does but let's be honest; it doesn't.  Not even remotely.  On this journey I am going to share the changes I am making to my business.  I mentioned this sharing to a few people and they questioned my sanity.  Maybe they are right; maybe it will be better than that.  Whatever happens, chicken tikka is still on the menu and it's in more demand now than ever before; if only people knew!

Making the changes!

I would say in the last 3 months I have reviewed more things about my business than I have in the last 3 years which has been driven by two key things.

  1. The Strategic Coach.
  2. Infusionsoft.
The Strategic Coach
This is a coaching programme aimed at entrepreneurs to help them do less (hours) and earn more money. Not due to greed but based on the value they offer to their customers and the life they want to lead.

This is a CRM/marketing software system that aims to release small business owners to enjoy their life AND double their sales in 12-months.

Both great in theory but that is not the point.  What both of these companies have done is help me realise the value of what I have done and should continue to do.  They have helped me put tikka back on the homepage.  I do not need to keep on re-inventing the wheel (and neither do you).  So many people just want to get better at what they do rather than continually learn an entirely new skill.

By July 6th I will have a new homepage and will have implemented Infusionsoft.  It feels like we are fleeing a storm and moving so quick we may fall but we have no choice.  We cannot survive on the side of the mountain, we have to get off.  If you can see me from the other side of the ridge I know my way down.  I can't promise you'll survive following my tracks but you are welcome to do so.  Googles down, there's a storm heading in our direction.


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