Book Review: Building Tomorrow's Talent – A Practitioner's Guide

“Building Tomorrow’s Talent provides a truly practical guide and represents a landmark book in the field of succession planning and talent management.” Mark Caruso President and CEO, Success Associates, Inc. –Success Associates

Building Tomorrow s Talent is a must read for anyone who is trying to get their hands around how to implement a succession planning process in their companies. This book is a wonderful, hands-on, practical resource guide that walks you through all the pertinent steps to creating a succession planning process.

As an executive coach I am often asked how to implement succession planning. I recommend this book to all of these clients!” Susan Steinbrecher, Founder and President of Steinbrecher and Associates Co-Author of Heart-Centered Leadership –Steinbrecher and Associates

This user-friendly workbook provides the reader with step-by-step instruction for starting a Talent Management program from scratch, or taking an existing program to the next level. As a company that cherishes its unique culture, we particularly appreciate the emphasis on customizing the program to reflect the company’s personality. Fiona Macleod Butts and Karen Gooch Director, Talent Management and Project Specialist Talent Management People and Leadership Development, Southwest Airlines –Southwest Airlines

Product Description

You ve heard the human resource buzz words talent management, talent assessment, high potentials, succession planning but what does it all really mean? What steps and decisions are involved in the creation and implementation of these programs? How will you be able to measure these programs to ensure positive business results are achieved? Written by two human resource practitioners who have implemented these programs in Fortune 500 companies and lived to tell the tale, Building Tomorrow s Talent provides practical ideas and tools to help others create and enhance these programs in their own organizations.

In this book you ll find: Talent Management checklists, frequently asked questions, charts, slide presentation ideas, and a project planning template Talent review meeting facilitation tips and potential answers to the challenging questions you are likely to receive from business leaders The controversial to tell or not to tell question of high potential notification is thoroughly explored, as well other high potential (more…)