Summit fever – we're nearly there

The summit

From almost nowhere the summit is upon us.  The Infusionsoft Team came back from a long weekend of partying and made great strides to get us moving again.  In hindsight, the break was good and allowed me to sit out the storm and focus on what really needed to be done.

I hear many criticisms about software companies/products/projects and whilst this climb has not been perfect it has been pretty good so far.  And the “challenges” have been more mine than system.  As ever, you think you have everything planned but things do not always turn out as hoped.  Our back-up plans came into play and worked perfectly which have bought us some extra time.  Without these we would be back to base camp, injured, and struggling to get back to where we needed to be without further damage. 

Plan for things going wrong, put in a good back-up plan and be ready to implement it at short notice!

Originally posted here: Hire Strategies UK