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Should you split test job adverts?

I am lucky to know some great technical people which allows me to do some clever split testing of copy to see what works for me.  But should recruiters be getting into this level of detail for job adverts?  I think they should. A brief explanation Not wanting to assume everyone knows what I mean so basically, I run a long version and a short version of a landing page.  One is pretty much a few bullet points (get this, it's great, here's some reasons why) compared to a full story about why you should sign-up.  Some "experts" say long is best, some say short.  Point is, until you test for YOUR market you don't know. But, before you start, you will ideally know how well your existing adverts are working. Job adverts - long or short? First, I am not talking about having a long job description but this can be part of the test.  Ideally, the job advert should be short and to the point and have a bit of a sales approach but how long?  That's the point.  I can't tell you categorically how long.  I have my opinion which is, not too long.  But I don't really know for your exact market without testing it.


Why job boards will pay you

Following on from my post Who will do the doing?


Quality over quantity – how big brands do not always work

As more and more people have less trust of the big brands, niche becomes the preferred option.  They don't need the volume like the big brands do.  Lesser known employer brands could maybe learn from this?


What's a marketing process?

Ask any recruiter and they'll have a recruitment process; even if it is only "in their head" it will kind of exist.  There will also be: An interview process. An assessment process. A new hire set-up process. A payroll process. And quite a few more besides


How about keeping in touch?

The typical sales and marketing approach to new customers compared to existing customers never changes.  Too much focus on new and not enough on the old i.e.


The digital operations manager

The continual growth of social networks has pushed more site designers/owners to add more social modules to engage their visitors.  According to a New Media Age article Kellogg's for example are hiring a Digital Operations Manager.  Chris Wermann, Kellogg's Regional Corporate Affairs Director said "Consumers are using new media to research anything they want to buy, so we have to define a clear strategy for all marketing, from social media to paid-for formats such as display and search." The same applies to recruitment i.e.


How job boards killed job ad creativity and how Twitter brings it back (maybe)

When I was a young recruiter we used the local press to attract staff using semi-display ads.  For those that have never heard of these, or have just forget, we paid by the line.  The more lines, the more cost and the less our bonus would be that month.  So we had to think about how much space we took.  Too little kept the cost down but wouldn't fill vacancies so no profit.  Too much, and it would be at least a plain waste or worse case, too many applicants that did not fit the bill.  And back then, we'd only run the ad for a day or so and in some cases tell people the vacancy was filled when we just had too many people to see.  Not great but that's how it was.


HR: New name, new responsibility. Time to save the World!

Are we already out of recession and into recovery mode? I suppose it depends which journalist you believe really. Whatever happens and wherever we are in this economic cycle I have decided to rename HR yet again


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