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The Corporate Recruiting System

When I was a young mechanic we followed a system for anything from making a cup of tea to rebuilding an engine.  All the big marketing Guru's tell you about "the system" they use and why it works.  To be honest, recruitment is just a system that if followed works.  Yes, if you are good you can develop your own but as most corporate recruiters are short on time, money and sometimes experience they do not need to reinvent the wheel. Continue reading "The Corporate Recruiting System" >


Are agencies like farmers?

The old saying of "All farmers claim to have no money" (but really have lots) can maybe be applied to recruitment agencies?  Why do I say this?  I am finding that direct recruiters are primarily stating agency fees STILL being their biggest recruitment cost (followed by job boards).  Or does this mean something else? P.S. I know all the farmers reading this will not be happy; I do not intend to upset you so please stop putting bulls in the fields I run across.


Fat Face Jobs

I am a big fan of the Fat Face brand so use this post as a bit of free advice (for them) on how they could minimise a possible loss of response to an advert. In their advert, which was off line in Retail Week, they quote: "JUMP ONBOARD AT HTTP://JOBS.FATFACE.COM" I have no issues with swapping the WWW for JOBS or even in using CAPS but based on recent advice from my Technical Guru (Paul) based on real life discussions with clients Fat Face should also take their set-up of WWW.JOBS.FATFACE.COM and point it at the same landing page (it currently goes to the ecommerce site) although they have at least set it which is more than many do. Not a biggy but with limited traffic from offline and possibly of higher value, every chance should be taken to get them where you want them as some people will put in the WWW and JOBS!  The landing page is just the job search page which is a massive "no no" but that's another post! (Written whilst wearing my favourite FF shorts!)


How to get your job advert noticed! Maybe too radical for some?

I am doing some research on store manager recruiting and if you search a few of the job boards, or Google for a store manager job, there are way too many to get yours to stand out. Some obvious tips: Get the location in the advert title. Get you company name in the title. Yep, get the job title in the job title.


Do you have a mobile recruiting strategy?

I do smile when I read about "Big Brand" marketers so often quoting protection of their brand being oh so critical.  This week I read in New Media Age about how Google mobile ads are in some cases linking people to web sites that do not render well in mobile browsers and therefore giving a "poor brand experience". It is however a valid point so how mobile friendly is your career site?  You can either try and search/apply for a job on your own site via your phone or download a mobile phone browser simulator that you can run on your PC. Opera have a great little simulator at www.opera.com/mini/demo where you can see how your site will look on a mobile with this browser.  Zoom in to read the text! You may not think it matters today but as the mobile phones become so much more powerful the phone really is no longer just a phone.


Facebook Page – make it easier to keep in touch

With all the different communication channels available such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, latest jobs etc it is of course hard work for a potential job seeker to stay up to date with a number of employer latest activities.  Add in the word "passive" and it gets that little bit harder. Friendfeed My own favourite is Friendfeed because I think it works really well and is very easy to follow.  You can subscribe to my FF feed at http://friendfeed.com/petergold99 . However, many potential job seekers will not know too much about FF which is where good old Facebook comes in; plus FB has just acquired Friendfeed so two may become one shortly anyway. Facebook By creating a company Page you can also aggregate the various feeds you want.  Although the "big" questions always seems to be how to manage the Page you don't of course have to start off with the Forum instead making it a bit more of a one-way update whilst you gauge the level of interest.  I know some of you will say this defeats the idea but this is just a start point for now.  The monitoring aspect can always be outsourced if necessary! I've set-up my Hire Strategies Facebook Page ; feel free to have a look - it may be the final option as FF may soon be gone!


Is local recruitment advertising the way forward?

I was talking to a client the other day about how certain large, horizontal job boards were just not delivering.  Still too many irrelevant applicants either skill based or overseas! With Google Adwords you can target your ads at a local level which would be one way of avoiding too many applicants who do not even reside in the UK.  Of course where you want to target people in specific countries you can also create campaigns that target those locations as well.  Find me a job board that can geo-target in this manner!


Chaos Recruiting

It's only a matter of time before we know; but when we do we will! Too many corporate recruiters are too busy not recruiting and NOT planning for the chaos that will ensue once the economy kicks back in.  The housing market will take a lot longer to pick up which will make recruitment harder; as much as people may want to relocate, not being able sell/buy will stop people moving around so much.  Yet a small positive change in the economy now (Tesco, Boots, ASDA etc) will slowly but surely have a knock-on effect. It will of course start slowly and the odd agency fee that sneaks in here and there, will go unnoticed but as the pressure builds, up go the volume of agency hires, down goes the availability of good people, up go the agency fees, down goes HR.  Agencies are not going anywhere and if they come back stronger, you have to wonder where this leaves HR; if they are found to be maximising agencies and job boards whilst minimising their employer brand. The agency budget will be given back to operations who will "create" a budget to save money.  HR could of course take some of their agency budget and invest it in longer term strategic projects which will help them: Build a talent pool. Reduce their reliance on indirect recruitment advertising channels.


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