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What We Can Learn About Recruiting From Avatar’s Creator

A long time after the rest of the world, I finally saw the movie Avatar, and I was thrilled. Not from the 3D or the big story, but from the fine details.


Play Nice

Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world. –Annie Lennox I recently finished reading the book The Power of Nice . I especially liked this book, because not only was it written by two very successful women, it was written by people who work in the advertising industry. I work in the advertising industry, specifically in the niche area of human resource communications. As I was reading this book, I felt reassured in knowing there are people who do believe that doing right by people and treating them with respect should be a given, and not an exception to the rule


Why Work for You?

The simple question I always ask myself when I see an organization advertising an open position is: “Why would I work for them?” The answer to that question is the essence of employment branding , which I define simply as the amount of attractiveness an organization has to an average candidate. Try this experiment: ask five of your family members or friends to tell you what they think about working for X, and name a few organizations, including the one you work for. My bet is that they will not have a very clear idea about whether any of them would be good or bad. They may have an opinion about the product or service, but not about working there. When I ask people about working for a particular organization, the answer I usually get is that they have no idea whether it would be a positive or a negative experience.


The Exiting Employee

In a recent article published by Forbes , “ Keeping Ex-Employees Brand Loyal ,” the author describes some of the dos and don’ts as to what companies can and should do to protect their brand image when employees leave an organization. This article really resonates with me because it speaks to why brand reputation is such a tender, yet volatile, facet of the employment value proposition


Authenticity: Assessing Whether Your Recruiting Messages Are Effective (Part 1 of 2)

I’m a major advocate of parallel benchmarking, i.e. learning from the best practices that have been successful in completely different business functions or industries than your own


Best Practices in Recruiting — ERE Excellence Awards 2010 (Part 2 of 4)

In part two of this four part series covering the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award winners, we’ll take a look at how leading organizations are positioning themselves via employer branding and telling their story via their career websites . Always popular categories, this year drew numerous applications as more organizations realized the power of differentiating themselves in a highly competitive labor market despite economic turbulence around the world. Best Practices in Employer Branding Most activities in a modern-day recruiting function are operational or tactical in nature, meaning that they are focused on filling talent needs in the near term


The Employer Brand Dilemma

Employer brand is the backbone of any great talent acquisition strategy. However, the advent of social media in recent years has complicated employer brand management.


Google’s Universal Customization Has SEO Implications

In a blog post of less than 300 words late Friday afternoon, Google announced changes to the way search results will be reported. From now on, the results of an identical keyword search could be different for each user


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