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Oprah Winfrey and Your Leadership Brand

All leaders have a brand. Whether that term is used or not, leaders have an identifiable persona that is a reflection of what they do and how others perceive them


Revelation – Your Employer Brand Is No Longer Owned by Your Firm

For more than a decade, I have worked tirelessly to maintain my status as a recognized global expert on employer branding. I have advised numerous firms; developed positioning methodologies now in use by many HR consultancies and recruitment marketing firms; given dozens of employer branding presentations; and have even written a book on the topic


Legal Recruiting Firm Tries to Goose Up Its Brand

How would you brand a newly minted London firm that recruits intellectual property attorneys for jobs all over the world? With a video of a wedding photographer kicking a goose, of course.


Adidas Putting Finishing Touches on Big New Careers Site

Adidas will be going live at the end of August with a corporate careers site it’s convinced will be an “industry disruptor.” It took a year and a half for adidas to put its new site together, with help from Carat (which is now Freestyle Interactive ). Steve Fogarty, adidas North America Recruiting Captain, was the project leader. Other major stakeholders included adidas Group Global Head of Recruiting Steve Bonomo; Reebok Recruiting Manager Tara Gallone; and TaylorMade Recruiting Manager Kate Hinshaw. Fogarty, who with Bonomo is speaking at ERE’s conference coming up in Florida , is underwhelmed by what he sees in corporate careers sites


Gore is “Finally Telling its Story”

Years ago, John Sullivan was doing some consulting work for W.L. Gore, the makers of Gore-Tex. “You guys are the best story never told,” he said to them. Not any more.


Indeed, Someone’s Talking About You

Who’s talking about your company? What are they saying about it? How can we influence that? The astute Shannon Seery Gude of the company Bernard Hodes says that employers aren’t always looking in the right place for answers to that question.


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