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Personal Brand Building For Under $100

What do you get when you search your name online? Aw, come on. Of course you’ve looked yourself up on the Internet.


Lowisz: Recruiting is Recovering

You’ve heard that employment is a proverbial “lagging indicator.” Companies wait to hire until they’re sure an economic recovery is underway. Actually, that’s not true, says Stephen Lowisz, founder and CEO of Qualigence .


Translating Military Service For The Civilian Work World

As Johnny and Jane come marching back from war to prepare for the next chapter of their lives, they face the daunting challenge of turning their military experience into machine-readable resumes and elevator speeches that convince corporate recruiters to give them a second look. “The novelette of their experience in the military,” says Sherrill Curtis , doesn’t always translate clearly. Agrees Carl Blum, “The hardest problem they have is translating their military experience into civilian language so a recruiter can understand what they have to offer. Curtis, Blum, and Blum’s partner in an organization called Tip of the Arrow , Bob Deissig, and Sgt.


New Sites Help Develop and Differentiate Candidates

There are a raft of new find-a-job and career sites that have come to our attention in the last few weeks. There are the “me toos”: retooled versions of existing sites that may have a nice touch here or there, but overall do little except to add to the online recruitment clutter. Then there are sites like UpMo.com that actually try to help a job seeker understand that a job is not a career


Vault Unveils New Site With More Content, Broader Reach

New Vault The new Vault came out of the vault this morning, and while it bears a family resemblance to the old site, it’s got deeper content, greater breadth, easier navigation, and enough improvements big and small that collectively they make the site more useful to more job seekers at a time when they need it most. “Today, Vault is taking a major leap forward to provide our ambitious, educated audience with a faster, more comprehensive and personalized experience,” is how Vault president and CEO Erik Sorenson announced the release of the new Vault. Founded in 1996, Vault has ever since served professional school students, recent grads, and, in increasing numbers over the years, mid-career professionals in the fields of finance, law, accounting, and consulting


50 Jobs in 50 Weeks: A Job Seeker Reinvents Himself

You have to wonder what a recruiter looking at Daniel Seddiqui’s resume would think.


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