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Do You Need an Innovation Coach?

Could a coach help you tap into your inner genius? Check out my recent post on futurethinktank about the value of innovation coaching. The futurethinktank blog is brought to you by futurethink, an innovation research and training firm that helps companies put the principles of innovation into practice on a daily basis


How to Face Your Critics

When people criticize you, what's the best thing to do? Show up and face the music. President Barack Obama did just that when he met with Republican House members at their party conference last week in Baltimore.


Good Recoveries from Bad Communications

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and All the King's men Couldn't put Humpty together again. But maybe someone in human resources can! I was reminded of this nursery rhyme when I received a query from an HR manager seeking advice on how to help one of her colleagues.


How To Keep Your Team Loose

During his wrap-up comments after the University of Southern California football team beat Ohio State University in Columbus, Brent Musberger , ABC/ESPN's long-time announcer, said that he believed that one of USC head coach Pete Carroll's greatest attributes was his ability to keep his team loose. Managers can learn something from Carroll's loosey-goosey sideline demeanor. He prowls the sidelines but is often clapping, cheering, and giving "atta-boys" to his players. USC is a football juggernaut but even talented teams can get caught up in emotional swings, and Carroll's style helps keep everyone calm, and inevitably, more able to pay attention to what is happening and what they must do. The purpose of keeping a team loose is not entertainment; it's a matter of keeping people focused


Don't Give Up on Change

This week's question for Ask the Coach: Change is hard. It takes forever and I don't even know if it's working. Any tips for making this process easier


Do You Have an Excessive Need to Be Yourself?

One of the 20 annoying habits discussed in my book, What Got You Here Won't Get You There , is "an excessive need to be me." What do we mean by "an excessive need to be me?" Each of us has a pile of behaviors that we define as "me." These are the behaviors, both positive and negative, that we think of as our unalterable essence. While many of these "me" behaviors may be positive (e.g., "I am smart" or "I am hard working"), some may be negative (e.g., "I am a bad listener" or "I am always late"). If we buy into our behavior definition of "me," which most humans do, we can learn to excuse almost any annoying action by saying, "That's just the way I am!" Some years ago, I worked with a CEO who was generally regarded as a great leader of people but was seen as lacking in the ability to provide positive recognition.


Sum Up Your Leadership in Six Words

Once upon a time Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story using only six words. Impossible, some thought. Not for Papa, as Neal Conan explained on NPR's Talk of the Nation . The next day Hemingway produced this: "For sale


What a Little Blue Stone Can Teach You about Leadership

Recently on a visit to Toronto I stayed in charming boutique hotel, the Cosmopolitan. Guests who stay in this Zen-styled retreat receive a complimentary gift of polished blue quartz


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