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Ignoring Facebook, Job Seeker Confessions, and Typers vs. Talkers

What a fun week in the community. I can’t wait to see more of you in person at the #socialrecruiting summit in May (pst… this is the last week to get the early bird discount )


Why the Federal Government Can’t Recruit and Retain Hispanic-Americans

The U.S. is subject to powerful cultural forces rooted in demographics and ethnicity.


Why Diversity Matters Now

Diversity and inclusion may be the most poorly understood issues in business today. While many of us have come to believe that investments in diversity and inclusion are primarily about compliance, political correctness, sensitivity or special treatment, the truth is something different.


Bullying worsens with recession

According to Equality Works , the equality and diversity consultancy, workplace bullying is becoming more widespread as a direct result of the recession. Chief executive Jane Farrell says: "Many people think of bullying as simply meaning verbal or sometimes physical abuse," says Farrell. "However, in today's business climate of concern, informal comments or changes in attitude can lead to feelings of being under threat and victimisation." Farrell also says that bosses need to be more vigilant to prevent serious problems in the future, adding that "Recession and redundancies are currently a hard fact of life but that is no excuse for not handling the situation with compassion and sensitivity." Why is bullying so prevalent in UK workplaces


How To Get Beyond Hiring Only Local Candidates and Hire True Diversity

Many firms are hiring college graduates and interns for next summer. In many of those cases, relocation is paid to the college graduate or summer housing is arranged for the intern


Strategy for hiring The Disabled

Strategy for hiring The Disabled Given a chance would you hire Albert Einstein as your scientist or maybe consider FDR, Beethoven, or Thomas Edison?   These and are several of the famous people who had some form of disability  ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990- is a civil rights law which prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability.


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