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Turnaround Talent: Turnaround Search 911

It's been a long, hot summer.  Dog day afternoon.  Far too many gifted executives caught by the undertow of the economy. It is as if we -- the keepers of talent -- have been standing on the beach as we watch companies, colleagues, and loved ones dragged out to sea.   But we are the lifeguards, the company-guards, the keepers of the flame and of talent.  When business plans fail, it is talent that drives a corporate turnaround. For nearly a year, colleagues in executive search have put on a brave face: they've witnessed profits plummet as companies stopped hiring C-level executives. Phone 911.  But our comatose economy is showing signs of stirring.  Our practice is picking up turnaround searches from vast financial institutions who have had their playbooks rewritten, and who have regulators as referees.  For other clients, we're conducting confidential searches to replace senior executives who are not matching force with the increased demands of the economic downturn


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