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Where Do Your “Friends” Work? BranchOut Can Help

Want to get your friends to help you raid a company?


Ignoring Facebook, Job Seeker Confessions, and Typers vs. Talkers

What a fun week in the community. I can’t wait to see more of you in person at the #socialrecruiting summit in May (pst… this is the last week to get the early bird discount )


Social Recruiting ROI

I hate to use the term ROI as it is so over hyped for social media.  I attended a social media conference in Exeter recently that had some a great speakers and was very well organised but, when it came to the ROI bit I felt they were trying too hard to justify the use of social media. I remember back to the early days of the Internet.  It would never be used for recruitment.  Then the job boards came along; but they were just for IT geeks.  Normal people would never search for a job online.  Then Totaljobs and Monster started to grow but they were for low skilled people and definitely NOT professional people.  Of course now every recruiter uses a job board but, how many really know the ROI of using any let alone all of their job boards?  Same with print media or TV.  They are still used but how often is the exact ROI calculated for each channel.  Oh, I forgot. 50% of marketing is a waste, just don't know which 50%


New Facebook Fan Page – great new design for Welcome Page

Really pleased with the new landing page; maybe you can become a Fan?  Click here to see it for real!


Who's got a pretty Face(book Page) then?

Luckily not too many – yet! But the number is growing and here are a few to look at. Ernst & Young – the one everyone talks about.


Do recruiters have time for social media?

Social media takes too much time and recruiters, particularly those that are HR Pro's first and recruitment is "just another job", just don't have the time to waste on social media.  They need to spend their valuable time speaking with their favourite recruitment or advertising agency. Of course not every corporate recruiter falls into this camp; indeed I have met some very good recruiters over my years and continue to do so through my workshops.  But, one of the common questions about social recruiting is time.  How long does it take?  Do I need to be on there every day?  Will I really need to converse with every follower, fan and friend


DSGi staff poke fun at Customers

As usual, whenever a well known organisation has current or ex-employees making negative comments about customers on any of the social networking sites, it makes the news.  Well, this time it is DSGi in the limelight as reported by for example The Guardian/Observer . OK, so it may be amusing to read such antics but let's be honest, even this level of behaviour is not typical any more of the average DSGi employee.  Every business will have people who will go onto Facebook, Twitter etc and do this and some will get away with it, some will just be ignored and some will pay some kind of price.  But it happens down the pub, in the canteen, in Head Office etc.  Yes, it's made public on Facebook which is why it is stupid but in reality, does anyone really care?  Does anyone stop shopping at PC World just because of this?  Of course not.  We shop there (or not) based on our experience, service, product and price. So whilst DSGi will no doubt need to look into this issue, they are much better placed (IMO) staying focused on what the customer wants instead of what a few people get up to in their spare time.  What it does highlight of course, that if your recruitment process can weed out such people before they even join you what a difference that would make!


Facebook Page – make it easier to keep in touch

With all the different communication channels available such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, latest jobs etc it is of course hard work for a potential job seeker to stay up to date with a number of employer latest activities.  Add in the word "passive" and it gets that little bit harder. Friendfeed My own favourite is Friendfeed because I think it works really well and is very easy to follow.  You can subscribe to my FF feed at http://friendfeed.com/petergold99 . However, many potential job seekers will not know too much about FF which is where good old Facebook comes in; plus FB has just acquired Friendfeed so two may become one shortly anyway. Facebook By creating a company Page you can also aggregate the various feeds you want.  Although the "big" questions always seems to be how to manage the Page you don't of course have to start off with the Forum instead making it a bit more of a one-way update whilst you gauge the level of interest.  I know some of you will say this defeats the idea but this is just a start point for now.  The monitoring aspect can always be outsourced if necessary! I've set-up my Hire Strategies Facebook Page ; feel free to have a look - it may be the final option as FF may soon be gone!


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