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Social Recruiting Ad Packages – Facebook and Linkedin

With both Facebook and Linkedin after your recruiting budget should you be trying out their ad packages?  Well, before you decide I've set-up trials with both to see how well they work and how easy they are to track. Facebook They offer a CPC and CPM pricing model in one format albeit text and image.  It is very easy to set-up and the targeting looks pretty good. Linkedin They offer the same as Facebook PLUS the option of job ads although both are in US $ only!  Again nice set-up process and targeting.  For advertisers wanting to spend more than $25,000 there are additional options


Social Recruiting 16/17 September Nottingham & London only £299

Social Recruiting Banner

Here is the original post: Hire Strategies UK

Using Social Networking in Your Job Search

In the current economy, it goes without saying that job seekers need to take advantage of all available employment resources.  This includes, of course, traditional avenues, such as recruiters, colleagues, friends, family and job posting websites.  More than ever, it also includes exploiting new, innovative and even unconventional methods.  Those who embrace and exploit these newer technologies will gain a significant advantage over their colleagues who are restricting themselves to established job search methods.  While there are a host of emerging technologies that can assist job seekers, this article will focus on the use of social networking and social media to expand the reach and scope of their pursuit of their next job.


The Social Employer Brand

Large employers will no doubt be finding budget for their employer brand and the snake oil salesmen agencies will be rubbing their hands in glee.  But what about the social employer brand.  Although many employers are still scared of social networks, and admit to not really knowing where to start, like it or not they need to make the most of social networks. The likes of Facebook and Twitter may not have really proved themselves yet as hardcore recruiting channels but they do have a place in the recruitment process.  Smart employers will find a way of getting the most out of these channels without using all of their time or money.  Recruitment agencies will need to get smarter to survive; ad agencies will need to re-think how they can provide value when so many social networking services are free! Employers have the desire; they just don't know where to start.


How to Lose Your Job on Twitter

Resume Bear has the scoop and some really eye-opening examples of the incredibly dumb things people post online. If you are searching for a job or applying to a college or even just hoping to keep the job you have you should be very careful what you say and post online


The Best Investment Advice You’ll Get All Year

Like most people, I’ve seen my 401(k) drop in value, the few stocks I own have taken a beating, and the value of my house has surely fallen, although I haven’t asked since I don’t plan on moving any time soon. None of these investments turn out to be worth what I thought they were and like, everyone else, I’m now skittish about investing. What’s the point in saving for retirement if it can all be wiped out


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