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Even Antarctica Has a Job Board, as Job Search Engines Expand Globally

Looking for a job as a chef in the Antarctic? Try looking here. Or if you’re a recruiter looking for an experienced vuvuzela sales person, then this South African job site is one place to start


New Game for Job Candidates Calls Facebook Home

Games, case-study quizzes, and simulations online aren’t new: the Army poured millions into a game, and the not-for-profit MITRE built one, too .


Jobs Report Shows Economy Struggling to Gain Footing

The U.S. economy added 83,000 private sector jobs in June, on the low end of what economists had been expecting, but evidence, nonetheless, that payrolls are continuing to grow. The news was tempered by the loss of 225,000 temporary census jobs, and continuing cuts to state and local government payrolls, which resulted in a net loss of 125,000 jobs in June. Even the decline in the unemployment rate to 9.5 percent from May’s 9.7 percent was tempered. Ordinarily good news, much of the reason for the decline appears to come from the fact that some of the unemployed had simply given up looking for work.


Full Body Photo Required; Resume Optional

For several days now, Gawker has been shining a light on hiring practices at American Apparel, a 10,000-worker garment manufacturer where “employee relations” is, apparently, a double entendre and provocative ads are the norm. Over the last few days, Gawker reported that the financially troubled, but oh-so-hip firm has a hiring and promotion policy that has more to do with high cheekbones than it does with almost anything else. For instance, Gawker wrote about a “full body head to toe” photo requirement for employee referrals, espoused during a manager conference call in May.


3 Questions to Ask About Candidate Experience

What is the importance of candidate experience to your recruiting process? How do you evaluate your candidate experience to understand its current impact, and how you will improve it? Gerry Crispin , principal at CareerXroads and keynote speaker at recruitDC , talked today about the three key questions to ask about the candidate experience before you evaluate and improve the overall candidate experience: 1. Are all candidates equal?


Unemployment Claims Up, Market Down

The U.S. economy is sending mixed messages again.


Recruiter Job Famine Coming to an End

Mike Nale is a victim of the recession. In less than three years he has gone from promising founder of a recruitment marketing agency in Oahu, to living in a pay-by-the-day room.


Unemployment Claims Rise Again

The number of Americans filing for unemployment rose unexpectedly last week, dampening Wall Street’s ebullience over a five-day run-up in the Dow Jones.


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