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U.S. Jobs Growth Lead By Private Sector

The 9.7 percent U.S. unemployment rate was unchanged in March, but the economy added 162,000 jobs, the largest one-month increase in three years.


Love Blooms In The Workplace, So Be Prepared

Yikes! Here it is two days before Valentine’s Day and not a romance story in sight on ERE.


CareerBuilder v. Monster: Who Will Win the Great Matchup Sunday?

After a week of serious stuff –  Monster buys HotJobs and says “We’re No. 1.” CareerBuilder says, “No you’re not.” — Sunday brings us more of the same. At some point when the Colts and the Saints aren’t going head-to-head, CareerBuilder and Monster will go head-to-head with TV commercials that will set the tone for the great 2010 matchup between these titans of job-boarding. We’re going to have some fun ourselves with these multi-million dollar branding campaigns


Monthly Jobs Report Is a Mixed Bag; Just Like The Economy

This morning’s monthly jobs report was a mixed bag offering something for both the bears and the bulls.The good news: Unemployment dropped from 10 percent to 9.7 percent. The bad news: The economy continued to lose jobs, shedding 20,000 in January when economists expected jobs to at least be flat, if not grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also revised its reports for November and December. In November, the BLS now says the economy gained 64,000 jobs, up from its previous estimate of a 4,000 job gain.


Job Openings Show Biggest Growth In A Year

Coming up Friday is the monthly employment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Colts v. Saints? Nah. Monster v. Careerbuilder

Monster ad from Wired Monster fired the first shot in the ad wars Sunday with a commercial during the AFC championship football game featuring the Boogeyman and a new tagline. Bad at his job scaring children, the Boogeyman searches Monster and finds his perfect fit as an accountant. As he settles into his cubicle, the words “New precision job search” appear followed by the tagline, “Get a Monster advantage.” The new tagline replaces “Your calling is calling.” Precision Job Search is the branded seeker product powered by Monster’s overhauled back-end search engine. Power Resume Search is the recruiter version.


A Video, A Video Game, And Vault

Today brings news of the U.S. Army’s $38 million recruiting video games, a recruiting marketing video that is surprisingly fresh and entertaining and should be required watching for anyone considering an HR career as a recruiter, and a change at Vault. America’s Army When you’re recruiting for an organization where the expression “taking potshots” is no mere idiom, you have to be innovative in your approach, not to mention cutting edge to reach the 17-25 year olds who are your (pardon the expression) target.


Help Defray Hiring Costs, Monster CEO Tells White House

Monster CEO Sal Iannuzzi, who was in a breakout session at the recent White House jobs summit, is telling the Administration that employers should get help to mitigate the expense of bringing on a new employee. While such help could vary, Iannuzzi gives the example of a job candidate currently getting $15,000 annually in unemployment benefits. If the government instead contributed that $15,000 to an employer who could provide, say, a $50,000-a-year job, it would, he says, reduce the cost and risk for employers


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