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The Cost of a Bad Hire: How to Actually Do Something About it

John Sullivan wrote about the cost of a bad hire . Reading through the list, I thought it was extremely comprehensive … someone must have done their homework.


Measuring the Quality of Those You Didn’t Hire –- Are You Missing the Best?

The quality of those not hired is the most valuable recruiting metric that you have never heard of! It informs you how often your organizations is failing to hire the highest quality applicants. A few years back I was advising a Fortune 100 firm that had a painfully slow and somewhat arrogant hiring process. To demonstrate the negative impact of their process I had to prove to a skeptical senior manager that they were letting top candidates get away.


10 Questions to Help You Hire Better People

As a recruiter, how would you describe the culture at Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, or at your own organization? Being able to distill the essence of an organization’s culture into a few well-thought-out adjectives is worth a lot. Sometimes I ask a wide variety of people to come up with a few adjectives that describe a company and then use a tag cloud technology such as Wordle or TagCloud to generate a tag cloud map.


Play Nice

Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world. –Annie Lennox I recently finished reading the book The Power of Nice . I especially liked this book, because not only was it written by two very successful women, it was written by people who work in the advertising industry. I work in the advertising industry, specifically in the niche area of human resource communications. As I was reading this book, I felt reassured in knowing there are people who do believe that doing right by people and treating them with respect should be a given, and not an exception to the rule


3 Questions to Ask About Candidate Experience

What is the importance of candidate experience to your recruiting process? How do you evaluate your candidate experience to understand its current impact, and how you will improve it? Gerry Crispin , principal at CareerXroads and keynote speaker at recruitDC , talked today about the three key questions to ask about the candidate experience before you evaluate and improve the overall candidate experience: 1. Are all candidates equal?


Hiring: What You Don’t Know Hurts!

When I was a kid, I watched adults get their teeth pulled and replaced by dentures. My kid-brain thought it was normal. When I grew up, my adult brain learned it wasn’t necessary to give up on your teeth. The same goes for most organizations


Finding the Failure Points in Your Recruiting Process — Some Final Approaches

Some recruiting directors don’t like it when I criticize them for not operating their recruiting function in a more businesslike manner. They fail to realize that the recruiting process directly impacts business revenues and it is at least as important as supply chain, lean production, and CRM. Many who are responsible for the overall recruiting process rely on their gut to determine whether the overall process is running smoothly. In direct contrast, other major business process owners use a “data or evidence-driven” approach to determine not just whether a process is producing the desirable results but also to determine precisely at what step are the failures occurring. If you’re ready to shift to a more businesslike and data-driven approach that can help you pinpoint the “failure points” in your recruiting process, this article will outline what you need to do.


President Orders End to Job Seeker “Black Hole”

The federal government is about to do what the private sector can do, knows it should, but doesn’t. That’s to let job candidates know where they stand in the hiring process.


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