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Jobpapido – radical dudes they tell me

I contacted Jobrapido today to enquire about their XML job feed or API.  I loved the response so much I had to share it! "Jobrapido is a young and fast growing company with a presence all over Europe. (Sorry America - PG) We are introducing a radical innovation to the field of job search by applying the Google model to online recruiting. (Woweee - PG) Our search engine enables job hunters to search through all the job vacancies posted on hundreds of company websites, recruiting agency websites and job boards in the UK


Cost-per-hire <£100 anyone?

What if your boss said you had to get your cost-per-hire to less than £100?  Assuming you are smart enough to already have it to £500 then that is an 80% reduction!  That's pretty much what Intel have had to work out for their new Atom chip. Here's the challenge that Intel faced: Traditional Intel chips may sell for about $100, and have supply chain costs (including inventory costs) of about $5.50, or 5.5% of revenue - an acceptable cost ratio. However, Intel planned the release of its new Atom chip, a product that was targeted at consumer electronics, mobile devices, web-only computing, emerging markets, and other applications that, in total, represent an annual revenue opportunity of $10 billion or more.


Bad service: blame HR

When David Beckham scores the winning goal in the 89th minute of the 2010 World Cup from one of his famous free kicks he will be the hero of the England (again).  Or will Fabio Capello be seen as the real hero for having the vision and leadership to use such an ageing star when most people thought his time with England was over?  Or would it go as far back to the person who appointed Sven-Göran Eriksson as the first foreign England Manager as without this initial step, would we have Capello right now?  Of course I am assuming/hoping/praying we will win the World Cup! Business is the same.  Often the hero's come out of a business because of a great people strategy driven from the top often by an enlightened CEO but pushed hard by a great HRD.  HR get a lot of flak for being poor commercial contributors and the In-House Recruitment Team often fare no better.  But here's my view. Without great people a business will not reach its' potential and as long as recruitment is seen as a stop-gap role, they will not attract and hire great people purely because the company does not take recruitment seriously.  It's all well and good having a top level talent management strategy but without feeding people in at the grass roots level TM can only go so far.   So next time you get poor service blame HR but when you get great service, thank the Ops Director as that's they way it tends to go.  Or maybe, look where it all started - a simple job advert maybe? That's my birthday soap box bit for today!


Personnel Today Guru ponders his future

Now I know why he always has his eyes closed; dreaming of what he would like to be. Dream on Guru, dream on.  Mrs Guru just wants you to get on with the DIY work at home


HR: New name, new responsibility. Time to save the World!

Are we already out of recession and into recovery mode? I suppose it depends which journalist you believe really. Whatever happens and wherever we are in this economic cycle I have decided to rename HR yet again


Are agencies like farmers?

The old saying of "All farmers claim to have no money" (but really have lots) can maybe be applied to recruitment agencies?  Why do I say this?  I am finding that direct recruiters are primarily stating agency fees STILL being their biggest recruitment cost (followed by job boards).  Or does this mean something else? P.S. I know all the farmers reading this will not be happy; I do not intend to upset you so please stop putting bulls in the fields I run across.


Social Media Revolution Video

Go here to see the original: Hire Strategies UK

Employer branding guide written by academics – useful then!

This is a quote from People Management: "CIPD has launched an Employer Branding Guide based on round-table discussions with practitioners, consultants and academics." With such a powerful sales line like this I'm dropping everything to rush out and buy a copy!  It does however state that it includes case studies from British Library and E-on.  I'm sure CIPD members don't need yet another book on employer branding.  Glad to see the membership fees are focused on writing books!


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