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Complacency: The Death of Your Job Search

Searching for a job is time consuming.


Blue Sky Resumes Featured in Oprah Magazine

I’m so proud to say that Blue Sky Resumes is prominently featured in the latest issue of O Magazine.


The Chocolate Roses & Hot Pink Paper Fail

Every now and then, the media latches on to a story about some creative job seeker and his or her strategy for getting attention.


Why Lee DeWzye Won American Idol (and what it means for your job search)

I watch American Idol religiously (What? Don’t look at me like that!). One of the things I love about it is that it’s like a really long job interview and we get to choose the person who ultimately gets the job


3 Real Estate Agent Agent Tricks You Can Use to Get Interviews

Is there a more maligned group of marketers than real estate agents? They’re famous – and frequently mocked – for their ability to spin straw into gold.


Quack Like a Duck and Other Secrets of Successful Career Change

Nicholas Lore, founder of the Rockport Institute , is a career development pioneer. He single-handedly transformed the career coaching field, he’s been commended for excellence by 2 US Presidents, and his book “The Pathfinder’ is one of the best selling career books in US history. Over the last 29 years he’s helped over 14,000 people to make a change. I was fortunate to spend an hour on the phone with Nick recently, and I picked his brain about the career change process. Here are the key things I learned: Take a holistic approach to the decision When Nick started out, career counselors all followed the same model – using very basic interest and personality tests to identify and suggest jobs that might suit you.


How to Write a Resume – Step #1: Feel their Pain

Writing a resume is a chore for most people. I know this because whenever I do an online search for the term ‘how to write a resume’ or ‘writing a resume’, I come across someone tweeting “ARRRGH I hate writing my resume” or “I have been trying to write this stupid resume for weeks.


How Would Steve Jobs Look for a Job?

That’s nuts right? Steve Jobs will never have to look for a job. But what if he did


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