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Enough of my laziness .. so back to committing on my blog.


Fired.. What was the excuse for you?

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Recruiting In India

From the last 6 months I had been working on a project for my firm looking for experienced candidates interested in going or working for KPMG India ( BTW I am still looking for people with experience in Audit, Advisory and Tax)Its been a great experience especially telling most candidates in India that I have no interst in their photograph or personal details in the resume. I used many different methods for finding people from Twitter, Linkedin to Orkut (instead of Facebook for India) On a recent short trip to India


Its not me, Its always You

Oddskills – JobBoard

Oddskills - JobBoard With a name like


Find a Job on Twitter

Find a Job on Twitter Its tougher than it sounds but not that hard.


Networking is icky! …or maybe no

Ok, for some of us, the thought of networking is just plain icky, not to mention scary. To be honest, that was how I felt, especially when I was still new to my field and did not have any work experience. I thought networking was just another work for "sucking up." And then I realized, networking is just a means of gathering and sharing information. It doesn't need to be icky. As a college student, if you have questions about an assignment, about a new concept that's been presented in class, or about an upcoming exam, I hope you feel comfortable approaching your instructor with your questions.


Research / Recruiting starts with Researching

Research / Recruiting starts with Researching I wrote the following article on the very first issue of   Sourcecon Newsletter  (which was  www.thesourcingconference.com at that time)  " Research Starts with Research " exactly a year back and still think is very relvant.


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