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Do Temps and Consultants Have “Mental Health Issues”?

According a new study , workers hired for temporary or contract work face a higher risk of developing mental health problems such as depression.


Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs — Tips from Tevis Trower

This week, we welcomed work life balance expert Tevis Trower to join us on Corporate Escape Artist Radio . Tevis is a corporate escapee (she is a featured expert in my book ) and the work life balance expert for Web MD


Tribeca Film Festival — Movies and Career Change

This week, I’m running around Tribeca covering the Tribeca Film Festival for About.com and interviewing filmmakers for another project (more on that soon). I am an unabashed movie geek and I love being part of the film fest scene and seeing the latest work from the world’s greatest filmmakers.


Back in Action — A Day in the Life

Thanks to everyone who sent get-well wishes while I was suffering in my sick bed.  I swear that my last blog post was not a ploy for sympathy, but it was nice to get some! And thanks to the good people at O Desk, who included this blog in their list of Top Freelancing Blogs .  I am a big fan of oDesk and have hired several talented people through them. Check oDesk out if you’re a freelancer or contractor or someone who hires freelancers or contractors. I am finally feeling like a functioning human again and have managed to start digging out of my pile of unanswered emails and unfinished to-do lists


I Miss Sick Days

There are only a few things that I miss about working in Corporate America.  I miss that predictable direct deposit into my account every two weeks, I miss paid vacations, and I miss paid sick days. I mention this because I have been a feverish, miserable mess for the past few days (don’t worry — you can’t catch it through a blog). I had hoped to recover over the weekend, but this evil strep monster is hanging in there


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