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Looking Out for #1

I know I have posted on this topic before but given our current economic situation and the tragic stories I have heard over the past couple of days I think it bears repeating. When times are tough its more important than ever to take care of your mental and physical well being. It seems like many people worry about everything except their mental and physical health when they are stressed out about losing a job, not having enough money, or possibly losing a home. On the face of it that makes sense because those are such crucial issues. But if you aren't physically and mentally strong enough to handle devastating events then the whole situation will spiral out of control and you will be even less equipped to make sound decisions.


Hard2Hire.com – A Unique Niche Website for Non-Traditional Employees

I just found out about a new website called Hard2Hire.com which is just what the name sounds like: its for people who have a hard time getting hired and for the employers who are willing to give them a chance. Right now there are more than 100,000 potential employees with profiles on Hard2Hire and more than 2.8 million job listings at tens of thousands of employers on the site. Pretty impressive numbers I think for a new website. I talked to Kevin McMahon at H2H and he told me that the majority of jobs on the site are at smaller employers (less than 200 employees) and that they are reaching out to approximately 2,000 employers per month to find new job openings for their members. Kevin also mentioned that when they speak to employers one of their goals is to find out what kind of candidates they are really willing to consider for jobs


Focus Upward to Understand Corporate Desicion Making

The challenges faced by businesses and their employees these days has got me thinking about the tough decisions that are being made in companies all around the world. It is hard to be in a non-leadership role in the volatile economic environment in which we find ourselves because non-leaders are often limited in the information they can access. In other words, employees in some companies are just playing a waiting game to see what happens next. A wise person once told me that "When faced with decisions try to look at them as if you were one level up in the organization. Your perspective will change quickly".


Stay Engaged, Maintain Your Sanity, and Ensure Employability

It‘s not news that many people around the U.S. have been laid off and many more are concerned about job security. I was talking to my friend Scott Ingram about this situation the other day and Scott mentioned a great piece of advice that he gives to folks who have lost jobs: when you aren’t actively job searching use the time you used to spend working to volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to you. Keeping busy while meeting new people is a great way to keep your spirits up while also networking and showcasing some of your skills in a non-aggressive way. I know someone who was fired from a job about 6 or 7 years ago


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