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Friends, The Archive feature and turning Lemons into Lemonade!

I recently wrote a blog post titled - "How many friends do you have?" . In this piece, I defined a "friend" and discussed the importance of building your network of friends! Well . . . I would like to do just that! I would like to add individuals to my 'friends' network that I can exchange relevant, insightful information, network, etc.


Using Social Networking in Your Job Search

In the current economy, it goes without saying that job seekers need to take advantage of all available employment resources.  This includes, of course, traditional avenues, such as recruiters, colleagues, friends, family and job posting websites.  More than ever, it also includes exploiting new, innovative and even unconventional methods.  Those who embrace and exploit these newer technologies will gain a significant advantage over their colleagues who are restricting themselves to established job search methods.  While there are a host of emerging technologies that can assist job seekers, this article will focus on the use of social networking and social media to expand the reach and scope of their pursuit of their next job.


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